MicroBrain Programmable Robot

Micro-brain Programming Makes
Programming More Convenient

MPBOT is equipped with the original micro-brain programming
instruction system of nashenbot,which integrates robot programming
and control system into one micro-brain system,making the MPBOT
robot light and handy,getting rid of the dependence on computers
and tablets,and making programming more convenient.

Key-screen Interaction,
More Intuitive Handheld Experience

The palm-sized MPBOT main control adopts the interactive
programming method combining the key and screen.By the magical
keyboard control,programming only needs a light touch,and the
program runs one by one,allowing the MPBOT robot to execute
step by step.

Support 3 Control Modes
Support real-time control

Physical programming

Push-button sequence

Wireless programming

Bluetooth wireless interconnection

Support 2 Motors

The motor supports high-speed and
low-speed power,
and it 15 effective in 3 control modes

Provide Two Color Lights

lt can provide red light and green light color
scheme, support two modes of on and off.

Match With Nashenbot MPC Robot
Programming Dedicated Chip
MPC Chip

Nashen Robotics launched special MPC chip for programming robots, more suitable for microbrain robot programming and controlling, core functions and components, integrated in Nashen MPC chip.