AIcode artificial intelligence
programming open platform

AIcode, the new-generation artificial intelligence programming platform, includes two ways of artificial intelligence graphical programming and Python. It can not only quickly complete simple and concise code program operations, but also can write complex logic algorithms.

Active Bridge Module

2 built-in encoder motors, realize independent control of left and right, and more diversified motion programming

Mecanum Wheel

One of the core components of the robot, the omni-directional motion equipment can realize multiple motion modes such as forward, lateral, oblique, and rotation. It is suitable for working environment with limited space and narrow, greatly improving the working efficiency of the robot.


Package dimensions: 520mm*390mm*95mm

AI main controller

Active Bridge Module

Roof Vision Module

2.8 inch display

Audio player module

Expansion module

Mecanum wheel

Building block parts set for expansion

Front sensor set